Pruning Shears vs Scissors: Can I use scissors instead of pruning shears?

Scissors and shears might appear the same thing, but minor distinctions exist in their construction and use. What is the difference between pruning shears and scissors? Scissors are designed for general-purpose cutting, whereas pruning shears are intended for a more particular use. Of course, each product comes in a broad range of forms, sizes, and pricing capacities, your question would be, Can I use scissors instead of pruning shears?

Pruning Shears vs Scissors

Can I Use Scissors Instead Of Pruning Shears?

Yes, you can use scissors instead of pruning shears, if branches are thick and not too hard to cut. They may, however, be used to trim plants, particularly houseplants, and to clip dead and overgrown leaves. Scissors are highly beneficial for making delicate snips since they allow you to make your cuts without really hurting the plant.

There appear to be various advantages to employing scissors for pruning rather than pruning shears.

  1. Delicate Cuttings: Scissors are ideal for making light cuts on tiny plants. Larger trimming shares are typically too heavy for this operation. The scissors can create clean, crisp cuts that will make your plants healthier in the long term.
  2. Shorter Blades: Most pruning shears have broad and heavy blades that may be difficult to maneuver in congested settings. Scissors with sharper blades can get into hard-to-reach locations for the trims and snips you need to do on your plants.
  3. Reduces Fatigue on Hand: Most pruning shears are hefty in the hand since you must grasp with both hands for extended periods. Those with joint problems, such as arthritis, are frequently in pain. However, you may cut away with your thumb and finger with scissors.
  4. Easy To Buy: Almost every convenience shop in your area will sell general-purpose scissors. They are inexpensive and easy to find. You may choose from various blade kinds, lengths, and even prices. You might have to go to a gardening store or purchase online to get a pruning shear.
  5. Multipurpose Use: A significant advantage of general-purpose scissors is that, in addition to gardening, they may use for various rapid cuttings in and around the house. Unlike pruning shears, which are only helpful in the garden, scissors may be used for other tasks.
Scissors can be use instead of pruning shears, if branches are thick and not too hard to cut.

Pruning Shears vs Scissors

CharacteristicsPruning shearsScissors
Using for
various task
Cutting plants,
managing overgrowth,
and creating garden
layouts such as
topiaries and hedges
Pruning and clipping tiny
plants and branches
Length and
description of
the blades
Length and
description of the
blades are determined
by the type of pruning
shears employed
6 to 7 inches long

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Difference between pruning shears and scissors

People continue to mix up garden shears with scissors. Garden shears and scissors may appear similar in appearance and makeup, but they differ in their construction and how the maker intended you to use them. Gardening shears are intended for more particular tasks, while garden scissors are for multi-purpose cutting; each instrument comes in various sizes, styles, colors, and costs.

Garden shears are more suited to some tasks, while scissors are better suited to others. Regardless, understanding the difference between garden shears and scissors is essential for knowing and being aware of their characteristics, when, and how to use scissors and garden shears if you decide to acquire one. Having garden shears and scissors in your gardening tools will guarantee that you are ready to tackle any assignment.

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What Is the Purpose of Garden Scissors?

  • With our 60mm trimming scissors, DELICATE SNIPS are quick and uncomplicated. Their razor-sharp blades cut cleanly through growths in confined or difficult-to-reach areas for maximum accuracy.
  • Trimming scissors made of stainless steel are ultra-lightweight, compact, and titanium coated, making them excellent for gardening and horticulture applications. They have titanium covering that helps them to cut cleanly through sticky vegetation.
  • Shorter blades are good for flower arrangements and getting into tight locations. Pinpoint accuracy blade edges provide accuracy and are appropriate for bonsai plants.
  • USE our springless trimming shears to eliminate hand fatigue. If there is no resistance on your hand, you may remove it for extended periods of time without tightness or cramps for persons with poor dexterity.
  • The ergonomically contoured non-slip grips improve comfort and control. Hand fatigue and hot spots on pressure areas are reduced by our rubberized handles, allowing you to make accurate cuts.
  • Scissors are ideal for delicate tasks like taking cuttings from tiny or fragile plants. They are also simple for those with weak hands, such as arthritis. Scissors come in various sizes, so if you require small blades to cut tiny stems, you’ll be able to discover the right pair.

The disadvantage of Graden Scissors  :

Garden scissors might be broken in heavy-duty conditions. The rivet might die, or the blades could grow dull and useless. Because scissors are not intended to be used with such vigor, they may inflict discomfort or suffering. If you’re cutting thick succulents or cactus, avoid using scissors.

What Are the Purposes of Garden Shears?

  • Reduce Hand Strain: These spring-loaded micro tip snips push themselves open without your assistance, significantly decreasing hand fatigue and making these snips excellent for anybody suffering from arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, hand or wrist difficulties. The grip handles are intended to be worn for extended periods of time without creating discomfort.
  • Extremely Sharp Blades: These high-quality snips feature precision-sharpened stainless steel blades and are ready to handle all of your flowers, yearly, vegetable, bonsai, and lovely garden deadheading, pruning, and shaping needs.
  • Safe and simple to lock: When not in use, these small tip snips provide a stable and sound sideways lockable that protects your edges shut and covered. The shape of these pruning snips allows you to use them with ease whether you are right or left-handed.
  • Make Accurate Cuts: You may simply go between plants with these small tip snips to “clip and snip” exactly the region or part you want to trim with one hand while avoiding damaging the other plants’ crucial stems and branches. After every use, wash the blade.
  • Applications: Tree and flower trimming, paper cutting, package opening, etc.

What Are the Benefits of Pruning Shears?

Pruning shears are pretty helpful in the gardening process. Pruning shears allow you to make clean, precise cuts on your plants without hurting them. They are also suitable for heavy-duty tasks such as pruning plant branches. You may also use your pruning shears to prune thorny plants without the worry of damage carefully.

Many pruning shears have curved blades that effectively hold the plant in one place during cutting. They are best suited for huge plants. Straight-bladed pruning shears are also helpful for getting into tight areas.

Pruning shears are excellent for harvesting cuttings from more significant or challenging plants and cacti. Their sharp blades and adaptability make it simple to cut through stalks and stems.

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